Our industry knowledge and expertise has led Local Planning Authorities within 26 counties in England and Wales
to request advice from us on all types of submitted equine planning applications.


We provide desktop appraisals of applications for equestrian workers’ dwellings to establish whether the functional test and other local policy criteria are met. 
Where required, our industry knowledge enables us to undertake a thorough financial analysis in order to examine viability, particularly important when
determining ‘very special circumstances’ for applications deemed inappropriate development in the Green Belt.


We are able to carry out site visits throughout the UK.


We support LPAs at appeal hearings and public inquiries by preparing hearing statements and providing expert support as well as giving evidence.



Just some of the endorsements received from LPAs this year:

“The Appraisal prepared by Sally-Ann Tinsley is very comprehensive and from my point of view forms the basis for a decision”


“Thank you very much for the highly professional work undertaken by Sally-Ann and all the advice and assistance provided”.


"... we are more than happy with level of service and expertise"


"My line manger will be very pleased with your delivery time"


"... there will be no further costs for the additional information, that’s great!!"


For LPAs who wish to engage us we can provide references.